Chelsea 4-2 Swansea City: Chelsea Player Ratings

It was a wonderful attacking spectacle after a disappointing start to the match. Chelsea struggled early on in the game as they failed to press Swansea and hold possession. The Swans took the early lead via Skipper John Terry’s own goal and continued to dominate until about the half hour mark, after which Jose Mourinho took Hazard to one side and gave him some tactical advice.

After that Chelsea got some hold on the game and Costa scored the equalizer, and the second half was absolute mayhem. Here are the player ratings for Chelsea players.

Courtois: 7/10

He had a decent day as a keeper and made some saves in the early period. Both the goals conceded were not particularly because of his fault. His reactions and collection of corners was fabulous, and there were some drilled shots which were saved well by the youngster.

His handling has been particularly good as he barely loses grip of the ball. On one, occasion when Gomis was through on goal, Courtois showed great courage to charge at him. Gomis was flustered, and he fluffed his chipped shot.


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