Cesc Fabregas: The Missing Piece

Cesc Fabregas the spanish playmaker who played for Barcelona previously was bought this summer by Jose Mourinho for a sum of around 27M. No doubt several questions were raised regarding this purchase more so when Juan Mata, who was considered a bit of similar player to Fabregas, couldn’t find his place in team and was sold in January.



So what was the need to buy Fabregas?
What could Fabregas possibly bring to this team?

The answer is simple. When you look at the last season Chelsea didn’t had a problem against top teams. Or to put it clearly Chelsea didn’t had a problem against team playing high defence. Manchester City Arsenal(6-0 lol), Liverpool,Tottenham, PSG Galatasaray were easily dealt with. Infact we didn’t lose a match against top 4 side in the premier league and still we couldn’t win the league! So the problem was somewhere else surely?

Yes the problem for Chelsea was breaking down the tight defence, sure not having a proper striker didn’t help but the main problem was there was no one who could play that killer pass from the deep aka DEEP LYING PLAYMAKER. We had Ramires, Mikel, Oscar, Lampard everyone had there skillsets but none had that killer pass in them to break down the Stoke or a West Ham defence, and this was the main reason we lost the league.

Enters Cesc Fabregas.

As we have already seen against Burnley and Leicester City Cesc Fabregas alongside Nemanja Matic can be our answer to the parked defences. Mata is an amazing player no doubt but the truth is he couldn’t play in a pivot, he is a superb no.10 but what we needed was a player like Fabregas who could collect the ball from the deep as evident from the both Burnley and Leicester City game, can pass it to the player in the opposition D and can be at least decent defensively.

Now we might see a different pivot pairing against the bigger teams given the defensive frailties of Fabregas we might even play a 4-3-3 against them, but its safe our incompetence against lower teams is more or less solved!


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