Arsenal Fan’s Epic Logic on Why Chelsea Won’t Win The League

While browsing through the plethora of news today morning, something caught my attention. Gooner logic will always catch your attention, and if you are reading this, you are in for some serious Gooner logic treat (read it as a four letter word that starts with ‘S’ and end with ‘T’ and has an ‘I’ and an ‘H’).


You can read the piece I am referring to here. The writer is a 17-year-old, who claims to be an Arsenal fan (Yes you heard me right; Arsenals fans are still alive and kicking), and from what I understand has a very good sense of humour, or no common sense at all.

However, before we can have a look at the reasoning talent of the Gooner prodigy, we should understand that Football is just a game after all. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But the reasons given by this lad is totally mind blowing.

Let’s have a bird’s eye view on the five reasons given on why Chelsea will not win the League:

Reason no. 1) Manchester City: The article claims that Chelsea will not win the league because Manchester City are far too strong, and Chelsea will not be able to beat them. Do you the same mighty Manchester City who lost to Stoke in their own backyard recently? Oh! I see.

I don’t know what should I say on this. I would have been happy if he would have shown some loyalty towards the team he supports and written “Arsenal”, but after all, he is Gooner. Nothing much could I have expected from him.

Someone please tell him that a far weaker Chelsea side beat Manchester City convincingly home and away last season, and there is no reason history will not repeat itself.

Manchester City is strong, but only a Gooner will say that Chelsea are weaker than City this season.


Reason no. 2) Diego Costa: Yes you heard it right. The article says that we will not win the title because of Diego Costa cause if he gets injured, we have only Loic Remy at our disposal who scored 14 goals in his last 26 appearances in Premier League (Which is more than a goal every alternate game). That too he scored it when he was in Newcastle. With the likes of Ex-Arsenal Captain and Legend Cesc Fabregas (LOL) behind his back, he may end up scoring even less? Only an Arsenal fan would know! And Drogba is not even worth your consideration. You sir deserve a RESPECT for this logic.


Reason No. 3) Mind Games: What? Does this even count as a reason. Here is what the article suggests,

“Last season the downfall of Chelsea’s title bid was to some extent Jose Mourinho’s mind games and constant referencing to Chelsea as the ‘little horse’ in the title race.”

It is the first time I am hearing that Chelsea lost the title race last season because Jose referenced us as little horses. I mean, WTF.


Reason No. 4) Complacency: One team who have never been complacent in their whole history is Chelsea Football Club my boy, and there is no denying that.

We give our opposition the respect that they deserve and play to earn respect. The article claims that we lost games against supposedly weaker teams last season because of our complacency.

Firstly, there is no weak team in Premier League. Calling them weak shows who is complacent. And secondly, We lost because we could not finish them properly. We lacked penetration last season, and this season, we have everything in our arsenal to rip the opposition apart. This guy doesn’t even watch matches it seems.

And last but the not the least, here comes,

Reason no. 5) Their Defense: ROFL! My dear friend, for your kind information, is hailed as the strongest in the world (we hold a record in minimum goals conceded in a season). We are famous for breaking the best of the attacks and is playing under Jose Mourinho, who is famous for his defensive tactics, will never lose it because of their defense. Out of many things we are proud of, the top most is our defense. Never dare to challenge that.

All I can say is this,




  1. Haha!!! Really doesn’t warrant a reply. I guess he has to be given an opinion, but seriously, Being an A…… Fan, there are far more dissapointing issues that he should spend time commenting on. ya think!!

  2. Hahaha! Really? this doesn’t warrant a reply. As he’s an A…… fan, I’d of thought he’d have more disappointing issues to comment on regarding the last 9yrs = 1 trophy..

    CFC 4 Life..

  3. Poor Kid .. Does not have the right amount of balls to pen down his own Team in the first point , And talk about others . This is the thing i hate about Arse-Anal fans no matter what shit they are in , they always love calling others shit .All i can say is we beat you 6-0 when we had less amount of power forward .. that result is more satisfying the kids life itself ..

  4. I stopped reading the article after the second reason…its a shame he couldn’t even say anything about his own club. Actually, his points are the reason Chelsea will win it this season.

  5. hahahaha jokes or wat???? is he really serious bout the defence??? Wtf?? I don’t think he remembers the 25 clean sheets kept by us(Chelsea) in a season !! And most important part of all he is still in the remorse of their 6-0 defeat against us at home ….wahahahahaha stupid fellow

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