A Poem for Super Frankie

I never thought that
this day would ever come
my eyes getting wet
and the fingers getting numb

a strike to the heart
of every true blue
undescribable is the pain
saying goodbyes to you


you gave us moments
of endless joy and fun
moments of magic
which left us stunned

treated with tears
and a million applause
leaving his fortress
which once was

always with a smile
and a pounding chest
u bent your back
and gave your best

a journey which
lasted thirteen magical years
giving endless smiles
and countless tears

the smile u had
after every win
u remained with us
through the thick and thin


u defended like a warrior
catalyzed our attack
for one last time
hope u could come back

our destiny is the same
diffrent are the ways
wish u good luck
for your upcoming days

wherever u may go
your heart remains blue
my love for you
forever will be true

my love for you
will never end
u will remain unforgotten
living legend

my heart is aching
my mind went blank
gonna míss u badly
dear super frank

Frank Lampard Chant


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