Fergie puts pressure on David Moyes (José Song)


With Manchester United’s worst start to a season in 24 years, Sir Alex Ferguson calls new manager David Moyes to remind him what is at stake (featuring The Special One). Written and performed by Terry Fahy.

Score (Lyrics) — Jose Mourinho

I used to sink zat you could manage good,
At Everton, zat’s where you proudly stood,
You were delighted, when you joined United,
But now ze dream is well and truly dead,
Wayne Rooney split his big spud head,

You had your chance, but you messed up (hey!)
You’ve never even won a cup!
I hear your voice, and it’s so bland,
No respect from United fans,
You’ve still got Giggs, but no more Scholes,
Your defence is full of holes,
You know what’s next, it’s coming soon,

I sink zat they’re goin’ to fire you, yeah, fire you,
Then they’re going to hire me,
Coz I am ze Champion, and Van Persie is going to Score,
Special, I am so Special,
Coz I am ze champion, and Van Persie is going to Score,
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

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