Real or Fake news explained: Alex Sandro to Chelsea this January

Remember how Alex Sandro to Chelsea was the biggest news in the summer transfer window? Given Chelsea’s willingness to sign Sandro, you’d think that the Brazilian would be linked to Chelsea yet again in the next summer window after we failed to bring him to the Bridge a couple of months back.

However, it seems like the tabloids aren’t willing to wait for another year. Here’s what Metro is reporting:

“Chelsea remain interested in signing £60m-rated Juventus defender Alex Sandro and could place a bid for the Brazilian in the January transfer window.

“The Italian is still heavily interested in signing Sandro and could return for him in January, according to the Daily Mail.

“Conte had a series of clashes with his board this summer over their failure to secure his top targets and the Italian is demanding that they work on deals throughout the season to avoid a repeat.”

Source: Metroda

So, it seems like Metro is just quoting Dailymail as the source of this news. So, we check out Dailymail and here’s what we get:

“Chelsea will step up their interest in Juventus defender Alex Sandro in a bid to keep Antonio Conte happy at Stamford Bridge.

“Blues boss Conte is a huge fan of the left back and has wanted to sign him ever since leaving Italy in the summer of 2016.

“Sportsmail understands that after failing to acquire the Brazil international last time around, Chelsea will dip back into the market with a £60million bid.”

Source – Dailymail

As you can see, even Dailymail hasn’t put up any credible source to this news which probably means that the tabloids are just reprinting the old stories in order to gain some traffic and page views during the slow International Break.

A sensible reasoning here can tell you that there’s no way a team like Juventus will let go one of their most important players in the mid season or even a team like Chelsea who wants to challenge for the Champions League this season would shell out more than 70 Million Pounds on a player who would be cup tied anyway.

So, according to us, this news qualifies as an uncredible news and you would be better of ignoring this piece if you find it anywhere on the internet. KTBFFH

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