Chelsea Football Club releases message for the Chelsea fans and Premier League

Chelsea have offered their support to fans who are campaigning to stop Sky from scheduling televised Premier League matches on Christmas Eve.

It is understood that Sky, who will announce their festive schedule on October 16, hope to broadcast two matches on December 24 despite opposition from supporters and clubs.

Liverpool’s visit to Arsenal is believed to be the broadcaster’s first-choice game despite the travel chaos it would pose for visiting fans. However Sky’s plans could be derailed if the Gunners are unable to guarantee the required number of stewards for a game to earn a safety certificate.

Chelsea are scheduled to face Everton on December 23 and their fans could face the same difficulties Liverpool supporters fear if Sky were to move their match.

The Chelsea Supporters Trust raised concerns over that prospect earlier this month and have had those fears echoed by the club.

A statement from Chelsea said: “The Chelsea Supporters Trust wrote to the club this week expressing its objections to fixtures being scheduled to be played on Christmas Eve, an idea they are opposed to ‘due to the inherent travel difficulties and disruption to what is regarded as sacrosanct family time’.

“The club is sympathetic to our supporters’ objections and it is a subject we have raised with the Premier League.”

Though several clubs have expressed their reluctance at the prospect of having to play on Christmas Eve they are ultimately powerless to stop the games going ahead if the Premier League gives the green light to Sky’s plans.

Former Chelsea defender Ricardo Carvalho given seven-month prison sentence

Former Chelsea defender Ricardo Carvalho has been sentenced to seven months in prison, as per the Daily Mail.

Reports have stated that the Portuguese defender has been charged for tax fraud from his time playing for Real Madrid.

Despite that, Carvalho is unlikely to ever actually spend time in prison, regardless of the charges and a fine worth around €142,822.

Spanish law states that sentences given to first-time offenders that are under the length of two years, act as suspended sentences.

The former Chelsea player was originally charged with a year-long sentence and a fine of €300,000, but it was reduced after Carvalho admitted to the crimes in court.

Carvalho, who currently plays alongside former Chelsea midfielder Oscar in the Chinese Super League, is viewed as one of the best defenders to grace Stamford Bridge during the Roman Abramovich era.

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