An Important message for Chelsea Fans: Fight Against Fake News

Hello Chelsea fans,

As you already know, the Fake News, Sensational News and Click Bait Stories has become a major problem in today’s Football media. Every major publications and Fan Blogs are filled with sensational headlines and poor content which, in turn, does nothing in providing credible news to the fans, but only serve their cheap needs and financial purpose.

Now, we don’t claim to be Saints as we have also walked the same path at some point of time, but given the amount of bogus, False, Click Baits Stories that are flooding the market, we have decided to take an initiative against this BS.

As you know, most of the Chelsea news is mostly concerned with transfer stories; So 90% of the time what the media actually does is take a random name out of the hat and link it to our Club.

Sure, 10% of transfer stories do turn out to be true but the fans have to waste their precious hours walking into the Click Bait muds before they can actually find a credible news. And even then they can’t be sure if it’s real!

So, as most of the news is concerned with transfer stories, what we will do is provide with all the transfer rumours that are circling around our club and give you a clear and credible explanations, if the news is true or fake through valid reasons. 80% of Fake News can be discarded just by the use of credible reasons and we will provide you just that.

Now, once you are better informed about all the Chelsea news, you can avoid falling into the Fake News pit and have a well informed conversation and discussion with the fellow Chelsea fans, thus building World’s largest community of Chelsea fans here!

Every article that you will find on Chelsea Season will be free of any Fake News or Sensationalism, instead providing you with all the relevant updates about Chelsea Football Club. We hope you can join us in this initiative and we would love to have your opinions/suggestions and discuss this serious matter further.

You can either mail us at or give your opinion on the comment section of our Facebook page.


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