A message for all Chelsea fans: Let’s get behind Antonio Conte

After Chelsea’s disappointing result against Manchester City a week ago, the press and pundits that cover our game have re-started speculation over Antonio Conte’s position at Chelsea this season.

It really annoys the life out of me with the way the press cover our game. So quick to build people or a team up to just knock them back down again in a heartbeat. Made up stories and ridiculous opinions that fill the pages we read from people that have never kicked a ball in professional football in their lives. Why on earth do we read or listen to these people?

Then we have the football pundits out there in this country. There are some extremely good ones and they are those that have played the game at the highest level, in the biggest competitions for club, for their country and have the trophies in their cabinet to show for their careers.

However, there are those that played the game but won nothing of note. These are players that have nothing to show for their careers apart from appearances made playing for two-bob teams up and down the country who’s careers just fizzled out and are now lucky enough to be employed by these TV stations for some reason? Why do we have to put up with their opinions?

So to the comments being made of Antonio Conte this passed week after our performance against Manchester City which are a joke really. Last week Conte masterminded a fantastic victory over Atletico Madrid, their first ever defeat to an English team in the competition. Diego Simeone stated that he, as manager of Atletico and the time he has been in charge there had NEVER faced a team that played with the intensity of Chelsea. Now considering he has compared us to the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and more of the biggest clubs in Europe, that’s some statement.

After the game, the press and pundits alike loved him, loved our performance and spoke highly of the tactical genius that we all know Antonio Conte is. The fact that he forced Diego Simeone alter his tactical approach twice in the game, adopting three different formations to try and deal with us was described as a masterstroke and announced that Chelsea were back in the biggest club competition in the world.

Four days later and it’s a very different story, literally after just one game! Talk of Conte being unsettled in England and home sick after he admitted that one day he will go home back to Italy has been blown out of all proportion. He said one day for god sake, that’s not now, that’s not next week but one day in the future.

Then there is talk of AC Milan looking at him to replace their current manager with the financial backing they have from their new owners as they look to re-establish themselves in Italy. Why on earth would Conte want to leave Chelsea and the Premier League to take over a team that has struggled in recent years and not finish the project he is working on here? It’s not happening.

Then you have someone like Ray Wilkins coming out and supposedly slamming Antonio Conte this past week. I say that because they have taken his opinion and once again blown everything out of proportion. He has an opinion (which I do not agree with) and voiced it on SkySports. Where was he last week after Atletico? Do not get me started on Tony Cascarino either talking of SkySports! What has he achieved in the game? Why is he their designated Chelsea pundit? Why does anyone care with what he has to say anyway!

As a Chelsea fan I stand 100% behind our manager and accept that you cannot win every game week in, week out as much as I would of course love to. As a Chelsea fan, I want to see my manager have passion for his job, for his players, the team and the supporters. I want to see my manager up there in his technical area bellowing at this players, talking to them, giving them instruction, encouraging them and celebrating when we score goals which we hope will lead us to winning games. I do not want to see some wet blanket parked on his arse throughout the game or someone standing there clueless with no idea.

Yes City and Arsenal were bad performances with City in particular a poor game. The manager can do all their preparation and everything to motivate their players but it’s then down to them when they cross that white lane and take to the pitch. If anything, the focus should have been on each of their performances this passed week rather than the manager. Everyone can have an off day and City was ours. Should that lead to as much talk of Antonio Conte’s position at Chelsea and of his future? I do think it does being honest.

Unfortunately, we have to wait for two weeks to put things right and get back on track against Crystal Palace. For Antonio Conte it’s time to have a mini-break, recharge his batteries to get going again as he did last season. Mark my words, we have the best manager in the game right here with us and he will lead us back to the top of league this season.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I never ever thought we would be able to find anyone close to Jose Mourinho at this football club. We have in Antonio Conte and we should cherish him as much as we did the special one back in the day.

So Chelsea fans reading this post wherever in the world you are, do me a favour, ignore the bullshit you are reading at the moment and the crap you are more than likely going to have to put up with until kick off next Saturday. Have faith and belief in the manager and our players, we have a squad that is more than capable to challenge for trophies this season and most importantly of all, a squad packed with players who know exactly what it takes to be successful.

All this negative talk of Antonio Conte is a joke. Get behind the manager!

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  1. I like your message, good work done.
    We are solidly behind the best manager in the premier league. We have the best players like u said and a wonderful board behind us.
    Go blues Go Chelsea.

  2. I strongly believe in our manager, he lost to city doesn’t mean he’s not good. Remember we beat the same city last season, I think Antonio Conte will make things better next week against palace…. I believe in Antonio Conte

  3. I also trust his pattern though the selection was faulty but as said we can’t win all matches, last season we won man city home and away, so I think it’s just too early for anyone to condemn or criticize anybody here, besides there is no perfect man. Conte ride on with ur job.

  4. For a long time I’ve been waiting for a pundit who’d tell these rumour mongers a thing or two. I have seen you. Thanks.

  5. well, he has lost all my respect and not because we lost but the manner in which we did that. He prepared his team like he was scared of City. he practically just lay down and let City flog him. I hope he leaves. I don’t need coaches who are scared of playing when our next fixture is with a big team.

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