Chelsea 2-3 Burnley: Referee a disgrace as Chelsea lose with 9 men

The referee decided to be the highlight of the game, with one bad decision followed by another and another and another. It started with Chelsea controlling the game with 58% possession in the first half before the ref sent Cahill packing with a red card fir what was clearly a yellow.

From their Thibaut conceded the first goal poorly before the unfamiliar defence let in another two in the first half. It was the first time at Stamford Bridge in a Premier League match that Chelsea were down by three goals at half time. But the fault lies less with Conte and more with the players and the most with the ref who then sent of Fabregas in the second half. Chelsea played the last ten minutes with 9 men.

Sam Vokes scored Burnley’s first goal. Ward the second and then Vokes made

Craig Pawson is his name and his job is to give red cards to Chelsea players after the first ten minutes in the opposition half. For what it’s worth, Morata scored on his debut. But the ref was never going to let him make a difference. He was in control and disgracefully so.

Cheelsea will visit the Wembley to face Spurs without Cahill and Fabregas. Willian sprung up here and there but there was no final ball in him. Morata assisted another Chelsea goal as he headed for David Luiz to bury it in the 87th minute to make it 3-2.

Chelsea fought but the ref didn’t stop targeting Chelsea players, giving yellow card to Rudiger as well to follow the Luiz goal.


  1. Its a shame to see referees take sides when officiating games…..That referee must be charged and he is an embracement to the football frontenite…. Such referees should be banned from officiating games.

  2. I don’t know why the ref just took side in this match and his actions were glare that even rivals had to comment for this kind of poor officiating…. I hope such ref should NEVER be allowed to officiate EPL.

  3. I have never seen a poor decision maker like Craig pawson,please enjoy your night mare for what you have done today.Youre disgraceful referee of the 21 st centuary .

  4. As a man united fan. The game was rigged. The ref didn’t want Chelsea to win and made sure they would not score again for a draw.

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