Top Striker was hoping but Chelsea didn’t come with a bid

Conte wanted the striker even last summer and in this one, but Chelsea didn’t go in with a bid. Now, he’s our number one target and would love to join Chelsea having already believed before the window that he would play for Chelsea next season.

Morata is keen to leave Real Madrid to get more first-team football but as yet not got his wish. Chelsea and Manchester United have both been keen on signing the Spain striker but have been caught up in the current Romelu Lukaku situation.

United now look to have beaten Chelsea to Everton star Lukaku meaning their pursuit for Morata is all but over, leaving the Blues free to make a move. Sid Lowe of ESPN FC admits Chelsea are now favourites to sign the 24-year-old, saying on ESPN FC: “On the face of it yes, 100 per cent it leaves Chelsea as the logical outcome (for Morata).

“Obviously the other outcome at the moment, and let’s see if other clubs emerge, is that he stays at Real Madrid.

“That’s not what he wants to do because he doesn’t entirely believe those promises that he will play a key part.

“Last season he’s got a better goals to minute ratio than anyone else, he played over 40 games across the season but here’s the key statistic for you, from the last-16 stage of the Champions League onwards, he only played 25 minutes.

“Morata feels that at his age, at 24, he needs to take that big step now. He hasn’t quite done it and this was the opportunity to go to Manchester United.”

Lowe explained how Chelsea were originally the first of the two Premier League giants who wanted Morata and he and his representatives were surprised they did not come in for him early this summer.

“Earlier in the spring he thought his obvious next destination was Chelsea, there was a slight sense of surprise in the Morata camp that Chelsea hadn’t come in with a big bid, presumably because they focused all of their attention on Lukaku because perhaps Antonio Conte’s long-term future isn’t entirely tied down at Chelsea,” Lowe added.

“There was a sense that ‘this is a bit odd’ that they hadn’t followed up with the interest that was there because Conte is a big admirer of Morata.

“He’s tried to bring him in twice and without working with him either time. Brought him in at Juventus then moved on. Tried to bring him to Chelsea last summer and it didn’t happen.”


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