Eden Hazard: ‘This is the reason I signed for Chelsea’

Eden Hazard has declared Chelsea’s newest generation of serial winners ready to rumble.

With John Terry set to join the likes of Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole in completing his tour of duty, Hazard is one of several key men determined to show there are still leaders able to step up at the Bridge.

“The last 10 years at Chelsea has been great.” said the Belgian. “They won a lot of trophies, now it’s like a new generation.

“Lampard is finished, Didier Drogba is finished, Ashley Cole, John Terry now. So it’s a new generation, and we want to prove that the club is one of the best in the world. So we have to be ready for that.”

Hazard has been outstanding this season with 16 goals to help shoot Chelsea to their second title in three years. Now he wants to see off Arsenal, lead Antonio Conte’s Blues to the League and FA Cup double and continue taking responsibility as Terry did.

“I am now playing my fifth year at Chelsea.” he added. “We also have other guys who have a lot of experience, so we are ready. We have a couple of leaders – I try to be one on the pitch. We have a lot of guys who can do that.

“It’s normal, sometimes people they leave the club. John is a legend for us, the club, for all the fans. Next season he’s not here anymore, but some of the guys they are ready to take this opportunity.

“We have this new manager, we have a couple of young players so everything is ready to build something.”

He went on: “I signed for Chelsea and in my head it was to win titles.

“I’ve already won two Premier Leagues, one League Cup, one Europa League. It’s not bad – but it can be better! The FA Cup and Champions League, why not?”

Could he, one day, get the kind of gushing send-off that Terry received last weekend?

“Like him, no chance!” laughed Hazard. “But you know I’m still young, I’m still 26. I don’t think about it if I could be like him that would be good.

“He did something great in his career. I didn’t win a lot – yet. I won a couple of titles, but him everything. I hope to have the same opportunities.”

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