Chelsea Star to stay? “I have two years left in my contract and I won’t go somewhere else”

Diego Costa scored his twenty-first goal of the season in our FA Cup Final defeat to Arsenal and then issued Chelsea with an ultimatum if they wanted to sell him.

The publicised interest from China has died down as reported on here last week and it looked as though Diego Costa was about to re-negotiate a new contract at Chelsea for a reported £300,000 per week after Antonio Conte had virtually begged Roman Abramovich to keep him – That’s what we had been led to believe anyway.

Then comes the post-match interviews after the FA Cup Final and Diego Costa makes a point of speaking openly and honestly to various Spanish outlets and states the following:

“I will only leave Chelsea for Atlético. If not, I will stay here. I’m not interested in other clubs. I know Chelsea wants to sell players, but I told them, I have two years left in my contract and I won’t go somewhere else just because they want so.

I will only sign for another club in Europe, they know that. Otherwise I’ll stay with my current contract.

I have a contract and no intention of leaving, but if there are changes to be made that might reduce my chances, if the coach won’t count on me anymore or is to give space for another striker, I know that I’ll have to leave. But only to where I’m willing to.

Everyone knows what my preferred club is, there’s nothing to hide. Money is good, but I’m grateful for what I have right now and I have other things to look forward to, like playing the next World Cup. I know that I have a chance to be called if I’m playing well and at a high level, that’s something I want.

If I have to move to another city or another country than Spain, I don’t think I’ll go, I’d rather stay at Chelsea. If the club wants to sell me, they know where I want to go.” – Source: The Telegraph.

Talk about confused!? I can’t make head nor tail about what is going on after reading that.

Despite all the confusion over his immediate future with the mess in China and the quotes he has given above, one thing is clear to me. Now more than ever, Diego Costa is openly speaking about staying at Chelsea and surely we have to capitalise on that sooner rather than later because if Atletico are only prepared to pay £20m for him this summer, that move is not going to happen.

Sign him up !

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