Chelsea Star seeking British Citizenship: Set to stay at Stamford Bridge

Recently, the media has contained speculation suggesting that our Brazilian midfielder, Willian, could be on the move.

Suggested as possible destinations have been Manchester United and the Chinese Super League.

However, it seems that neither is on the 28-year-olds agenda at this moment in time.

Instead lurking in the popular tabloid publication, the Daily Star, is the inference that Willian has plans of his own to initiate.

Talking to a Brazilian TV channel, it seems Willian has ambitions of becoming a British citizen, remarking,

“Of course money is important, no one can survive without money.

‘But money is not everything.

‘If I can get this British citizenship, I can start to do documents next year.

‘You have to take a test to get that passport too.

‘Surely this passport can open doors in the future.

“I can get my passport and I can get it for my family too.

‘That`s the purpose I have. Besides the objectives on the pitch, besides enjoying the country, getting this passport would be another prize for me.”


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