Chelsea Star: “I’ve never worked so hard in my career, all thanks to Conte”

VICTOR MOSES says the key to Antonio Conte’s management of Chelsea is his willingness to give players a chance, and the confidence he instills in his players.

The Nigerian wasn’t expected to be a key part of the Blues’ campaign when Conte took charge last summer.

But after being slotted in as a wing-back a few weeks into the season he flourished and became one of the most important players in Chelsea’s side.

And now that the Blues have sealed the title after dominating the league for most of the season, Moses is extremely grateful Conte gave him the chance to shine.

“We’ve got a good manager here who is willing to give everybody an opportunity,” he said.

“He gave me that opportunity and I haven’t looked back. ”

But Moses also makes it clear life is not all plane sailing playing for the demanding Italian.

“It’s all about hard work, I’ve never worked so hard in my career and I just want to keep on improving in the position I’m playing,” he added.

“He’s taken our game to the next level, he pushes us to our limit. Each and every one of us totally respects him.

“We love him as our manager. He has great passion and he’s played the game before.

“It’s good to have a manager who believes in every player. He’s given us all massive confidence and we’re enjoying our football.”

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