“Twitter King” Michy Batshuayi destroys a fan on Twitter

There are numerous players in the footballing world, who love their social media. Some are big on Instagram, some love tweeting, while some even love their Snapchats.

Chelsea too has a contingent of players who are quite active on social media, but there seems to be one clear winner, when it comes to replying to haters.

Striker Michy Batshuayi, who loves keeping followers updated about his feelings via his Twitter handle, is also known for his witty replies.

Now most footballers, or rather most famous people have to deal with a lot of haters online. When you are famous, rich, and on top of that play for a rival club or country, you will receive a fair share of hate and trolls.

Now what most people do is ignore the dumbwits. But the Belgian striker is certainly not one among them. He knows how to give it back when someone tries some banter on him. And there was an unfortunate soul, who found out it is not a good idea to take on the 23 year old.

After Belgium’s 8-1 win over Estonia in the World Cup qualifier match, Batshuayi, or Batman, as he is popularly called by the fans, took to Twitter, expressing his delight over the win.

But a Twitter user who goes by the name @Hazardribble, and apparently is a Chelsea fan himself, tried reminding the Belgian that he had to be content with life on the bench for the Blues.

But little did he expect that the former Marseilles player would have the perfect reply for that banter. Take a look yourself!!

Rest assured, the kid will have learnt his lesson, and will probably think a hundred times before trying troll anybody on social media.

And Batshuayi will be satisfied with the fact that he was able to get back at the dumbwit who tried to act too smart. You need to stand up to people like this.

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