Kante: “This is how Chelsea is different from my previous clubs”

N’Golo Kante has been the signing of the season for Chelsea so far.

The Frenchman has provided the Stamford Bridge side a much needed balance in the midfield while also helping us keep a number of clean sheets already. Not to mention his impact in getting Nemanja Matic back to his beastly best, Kante has been impressive in his debut season for the Blues.

But, how different is Kante’s role at Chelsea compared to his last stint with Champions Leicester City?

Recently, talking about his roles with different clubs, here’s what Kante said:

“I think Chelsea is different from my previous clubs because when I played in Caen and Leicester, we didn’t have the ball as much and we played more on the counter-attack,” Kante told the Chelsea magazine.

“It’s better to have the ball than to run most of the time behind the ball. We defend like a team and when it’s my task to do the pressing and to work hard to win possession, I have to do it.

“That’s what I try to do – work hard to win the ball when we haven’t got it and to keep possession or create a chance when we have the ball.”

Whether it’s winning the ball, tackling and intercepting passes, even scoring goals, Kante has been superb for Conte in the middle of the pitch alongside Matic.

Hopefully, the Frenchman can continue his brilliant form as we move to an important Winter period.


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