Juan Mata: “I felt sad after leaving Chelsea and joining Manchester United”

When Chelsea and Jose Mourinho decided to sell Juan Mata to Manchester United a few years ago, the decision was met with a lot of skepticism.

The reigning player of the year and the fan favorite, Juan Mata was a loving and affectionate figure amongst the Chelsea supporters.

And, although, Chelsea did win the Premier League in the following year, the decision is still debated amongst the Blues faithful to be a wrong one.

But, what did the Spaniard think of the decision? How did he feel leaving a club like Chelsea with such good memories?

Here’s Mata himself, speaking on the matter:

“Well, it was an intense week because a lot of people were talking about it. There were long days but in the end it as all good.

“I feel it was a very grateful week on my side towards Chelsea, all the Chelsea supporters and everyone there, because I had amazing experiences there and we celebrated a lot of important things together.

“In a way I was sad to leave a club like Chelsea and all these memories and great people and obviously happy to be coming to a great club like Manchester United.

“Not everyone has the chance to play for Manchester United so it was mixed feelings but with a grateful feeling in the back of my head.”

I bet Mata regretted the decision to leave the Blues when he did, but with him out of favor under Mourinho, maybe the decision personally made sense for him, after all!

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