Hazard looking healthy, Conte looking fit, Chelsea looking happy in latest behind the scenes video

We haven’t been keeping up with the fantastic Chelsea UNSEEN videos — or, for that matter, the companion pieces that are the RE-SEEN videos (this week’s to be released shortly, I’m sure) — but the club’s much improved video department has been churning them out on the regular every Friday all season. And they’ve all been quite brilliant.

The latest is no exception, offering an extended look at what looks like a fun, high tempo first-team training exercise, plus a bit of running that feature none other than head coach Antonio Conte joining in and keeping his own fitness levels up.

There’s also a segment on an EA Sports shoot that features a first-person camera strapped to some poor old sod’s head, and Gemma Davison shows off some of her skills once again. And presenter Lee Parker gets messed with again.

The common theme running through the video is that everyone’s happy, including the likes of “Old Boys” Mikel and Terry. Winning tends to do that, and Chelsea are certainly flying high nowadays.

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