Breaking report: Chelsea makes an offer to Frank Lampard

Less than twenty-four hours after Frank Lampard announced that his time with New York City FC will end when the season finishes, Chelsea’s all-time leading goalscorer has been offered an opportunity to return to Stamford Bridge.

That’s according to the Times on Tuesday.

However, before Blues fans start dreaming of Lampard returning to Premier League action, Chelsea’s offer is for an off-the-field position. As detailed in the broadsheet:

Chelsea will offer Frank Lampard the opportunity to return to Stamford Bridge, either as a coach or in an ambassadorial role, as he ponders whether to retire after confirming his departure from New York City yesterday.

However, it’s unclear whether the 38-year-old will jump on the opportunity.

Aside from fielding an offer from the Blues, the midfielder has other opportunities he can consider in the media and also on the pitch:

The former England midfielder is expected to have offers to continue playing and to embark on a new career in punditry, having done occasional work for Sky Sports and the BBC over the past 12 months, but Chelsea hope to talk to him about a future role at the club.

What will be go for?

We have to wait and see.


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