Breaking report: Chelsea attacker is back from injury

We fans always take the time to appreciate and laud all the players and the manager of Chelsea Football Club. But today it’s a little different. Today we share the story of a loan star, just to appreciate the wonderful work the medical team at Chelsea has been doing over the years.

As a doctor at Chelsea Football Club, you are always under the scanner, especially with the incident that happened with Eva Carneiro, when she was verbally chided by then manager Jose Mourinho for running on to the pitch to treat Eden Hazard when Mourinho didn’t want her to.

But that incident showed the medical team in the wrong light. Chelsea have a group of highly qualified and committed individuals working on players’ fitness. Chelsea’s loanee Charly Musonda, who is on loan at Spanish club Real Betis, had been injured for the last one month, with a knee injury, and missed quite a few games.

The 20 year old was recalled by Chelsea to be evaluated by doctors at Cobham, but Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo wrongly reported that he was at Real Betis, when actually he was still in London. That was probably because they could not believe that a month long injury could be treated so quickly.

But as it turns out, the doctors of Stamford Bridge are a different breed, and so good has been their work on the Belgian, that he may play against Las Palmas on Friday. The doctors in Spain should be learning something from their British counterparts. Good job!!

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