Amazing: Antonio Conte talks about Oscar, Fabregas, Moses, Hazard, Costa and Pedro in a new interview

Antonio Conte insists talk of Cesc Fabregas and Oscar leaving Chelsea is just “gossip”.

Both have struggled to break into the side since the former Juventus Coach took over at Stamford Bridge, but he insists they’ll both stay in January.

“It’s gossip, I’m not going to send them away,” Conte assured as part of a long interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.

“They’re important players for Chelsea.

“A defender in January? It’s premature to talk about it, the squad is complete.”

Conte was also asked about some of his players, including the revelation of the season Victor Moses.

“I could see his potential from the first days of the summer training camp. Moses has important qualities: technique, physical strength, the ability to cover seventy meters of the pitch.

“I find it incredible that someone like him has been underestimated.

“Pedro? He has qualities of absolute excellence. He’s perfect for the 3-4-3.

“As for Diego Costa, Diego is one of the best strikers in the world. For us it’s not just important that he’s a goalscorer, but that he works for the team.

“The progression in his behaviour is thanks to his application. He realised he had to grow in terms of his temperament.

“Eden Hazard? Eden’s talent is beyond question, he’s a world class player and a great lad. He has a surprising maturity for his age.

“He’s already built a family and he’s only 25.”

The Blues aren’t in Europe this season, and the former Italy CT admits that has been an advantage.

“To have the team available during the week and in my early months has definitely helped me work,” Conte acknowledged.

“It has helped me to impress my basic concepts, but Chelsea is a club that can’t stay outside of Europe.

“Was it difficult to get the players to do double sessions? Absolutely not. They quickly realised that it was important to work in a certain way.

“During the season we’ve retuned to normal, but that’s also how it worked at Juventus.

“The players follow me, the real difference is intensity: you go to 1000 during the week.

“It’s more correct to talk about diet. We look for a balance between carbohydrates, proteins and good fats. Eating well is essential for an athlete, it helps prevent injuries and aids recovery.

“A winning mentality is in the cultural heritage of a club, you need people to keep it at high levels.

“You can’t be successful just based on history or trophies won, you need the daily contribution of the men who work at the club.

“A winning mentality means daily work, the way you deal with your opponents and the effort put into the smallest details.”

Conte was asked what a typical day in England looks like for him.

“I leave home at 8, and at 8.30 I arrive at Cobham, traffic permitting. We have breakfast with the players, organise our work, watch videos with the team and start training at 10.30.

“Then we have lunch together, and it’s a pleasure because we have a five-star restaurant.

“Sometimes in the evening I go out for dinner, otherwise I’ll be at home watching television.

“Work absorbs me completely and Cobham is a long way from the city centre. London is an international metropolis with different souls.

“Each neighbourhood has its own history and its own identity. London’s charm is the co-existence of these realities, often a reflection of very different countries.”

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