Need a goal? Antonio Conte should utilize “these 2 Chelsea players” as impact sub: A report

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We might have had a vulnerable defense a few weeks back but the Chelsea starters are having a wonderful time on the pitch for the past few days.

A couple of easy wins and clean sheets against Hull City and Leicester City is set to go a long way in restoring the much needed confidence in the squad.

The switch to 3-4-3 formation and the positive and enormous impact of Victor Moses and Marcos Alonso alongside other usual suspects have turned us into a formidable side for the time being.

But, not everything is gonna be rainbows and butterflies everyday and you do need a couple of impact subs who could come onto the pitch and turn the game on its head, when you are in search of a goal. Last season, we lacked those impact subs on the bench, but this time around we have these 2 guys who are more than capable of knicking in a goal or two in the final few minutes, even though they are not starters:

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