Mandatory Report on How Chelsea Tore Manchester United Apart

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What can I say!! The word “PERFECT” was invented for a day like this. A 4-0 win against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge, yes 4-0!! This was like men against boys out there. The Red Devils looked more like sheep, against a disciplined, dominant Chelsea.

The start of the match was perfect, with the goal coming on just 30 seconds after kickoff. A nothing ball really from the left by Marcos Alonso, which was totally misunderstood by United’s left back Blind and center back Smalling, bounced in front of the box, as Pedro stole in from the right. The former Barca man received the ball and went wide of the box, with De Gea in no man’s land.

Pedro had to just pass the ball into the open goal with the defenders and the keeper nowhere in sight, and he did. 1-0. That was the fastest league goal of the season so far. Interestingly, United almost signed Pedro last season, before ironically Mourinho hijacked the deal in Chelsea’s favor.

United, shell shocked by the early goal, found it hard to keep hold of the ball, as Chelsea kept looking for meaningful passes in the opponent’s final third. Few minutes later though, Antonio Valencia found Ibrahimovic in the box, but that was excellently defended by Azpilicueta, man almost a foot shorter than the Swedish striker.

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