Chelsea’s first team superstar reveals the reason why he is so good: “I got a Master’s degree in Defense”

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Amidst the shock wave of David Luiz rejoining Chelsea, there was this one other transfer in the summer window that quietly went unnoticed. Yes, I am talking about Marcos Alonso here.

While the fans and pundits are busy in singing praises of Moses, Kante, Costa, Hazard, Luiz; Marcos Alonso, just like his transfer, has quietly gone under the radar.

As a player, there is nothing sexy or flashy about Alonso’s play, not a lot of flair compared to someone like Moses, maybe that’s why the Spaniard hasn’t been the star on the newspaper’s pages.

But, the width he provides and the performances he has given in the last two games is surely one of the many reasons of Chelsea’s resurgence under Conte.

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