Chelsea boss Antonio Conte ready to sell Eden Hazard in order to sign this player – report

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ANTONIO CONTE is ready to offer Eden Hazard to Juventus in exchange for Leonardo Bonucci, according to reports.

The Italian boss had been keen to bring in the experienced defender during the summer but the Serie A club were reluctant to part with him.

At 29 years of age and with 64 Italy caps to his name, Conte believes his experience is exactly what Chelsea need in their backline.

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  1. Conte, you should think again, hazard has a ability to same as messi and he is young but bonucci he has already 29 year old, you shouldnt take the decisions, because every chelsea fans loves hazard , when you sell hazard, the chelsea fans will angry and hate you anymore.

  2. if conte wants to go ahead with tht deal ,he should kno he wont lAST long at the bridge, Bonucci is just overated. english soccer is different from italian soccer

  3. Conte about to make the biggest mistake of his coaching career, no need for experienced defenders bring our loanees back they are good than buying new overrated players as Mourinho did during his time. Don’t send Chelsea to another catastrophic season. The problem with Chelsea is poor performance in the mid field, attack and most esp defence. If he should be putting sharp and skillful strikers and sharp shooters like Batshuayi or even bring back Abraham Chelsea ball will change. Look at Arsenal, their youngees are doing great Chelsea have a bad culture of not training talents instead they spend unnecessarily on nonsense overrated players

  4. i dont know how all dis coach dey th4nk dis way, unlike morihno selling our best legs then i.s De Brune N Mata Even Luis but now we are suffering for it. conte should not sell hazard for old cargo.

  5. This just a game from the media,come on guys if you can response in a second that switch such idiot thing will happen,of course conte knows that too,the real enemy behind the line is the media actually.

  6. Who!,what!,why! HAZARD plz we as chelsea fans,his our best,we don’t need that OLD RAGG MAN {Bonucci}, plz don’t deep us in Lions Den.Think,think,think,think in billions,You Conte,ur very stupid man,totally stupid,deeply fack coach,plz make us be proud of our team,not giving us problems,we need success,prosperity & best future.

  7. Is Conte on drugs or something? Are you kidding me? Eden Hazard for Bonnuci?? This has gotta be a joke. The guy is almost in his retirement age and you’re exchanging a future ballon d’or winner for him. Be serious man….this is pure stupidity. This is England not Italy. He’ll be just like other players and flop cos this is England. Wake up MAN!!

  8. I looked that guy as a nuisesense at the bridge he doesnt even know the type of the team his coaching even the style of his football play doesn’t show any progress and I bet if he would finish another season at the bridge I hate his fodging type of football

  9. What a wrong decision,hazard to swap wit bunucci?Bunucci is a good player but age is not aside like hazard also he has never play in d EPL so for me is a big wrong decision for Conte

  10. Please conte don’t make this decision cause hazard is the main man at chelsea all though he hasn’t performed well in his last 3 games but don’t let this deal happen….bonucci is an experienced defender but this is the premier league not the sire A and hazard is the future balon dor player for chelsea

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