Barcelona target: I will play for Chelsea next season if they can fulfill this one condition

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On-loan Chelsea defender Andreas Christensen has revealed that he is open to a Chelsea return if he can play regularly.

The Danish centre-back is playing for Borussia Monchengladbach now and has attracted a lot of interest with his splendid performances in the Bundesliga. Christensen ended up being Monchengladbach’s player of the year last season.

Earlier this summer there were reports that Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City are all interested in the Chelsea defender.

Speaking to the media in Germany, Gladbach’s director Max Eberl has confirmed that the player plans to return to Chelsea if they can offer him regular first-team football next season. He also maintained that keeping the player will be very tough once the current loan deal expires.

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  1. yea it’s a very welcome development and very good idea for Christiansen to return back to Chelsea. it will be a plus to the team. personally I like it.

  2. most definitely he’s a good prospect and very reliable guess h e needs more of the experience on loan and by the time he comes back next season he will be more better

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