These 4 Chelsea Players Are Going To Lead “Revenge” Against Jose Mourinho Tomorrow

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Jose Mourinho and Chelsea have a lot of successful history and happy times together, but after what happened last season, things are a little bit different this time around.

Mourinho spent much of the last season explaining to the media that how Chelsea players had “betrayed” him and his work on the pitch which lead to the Blues battling relegation by November.

The players eventually got tired of the manager and there was a “palpable discord” between them which lead to Mourinho’s sacking. Now, with the manager back at the Bridge, this time as an enemy, here’s what Paul Merson thinks could happen tomorrow:

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  1. today game is 55/45 and will be a wonderful game but I would advice all our defence line to take their game softly on zlatan,all what dey need is to stop him with their xperience coz his playing patern is not 2 special. I have believe in my team go for success chelsea FC……..

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