Our second worst player on the pitch talks about the Arsenal loss, Antonio Conte, Hull City and a lot more

Thanks to Gary Cahill, Branislav Ivanovic was just the second worst player on the pitch for Chelsea in the humiliating 3-0 loss against Arsenal on Saturday. Quite an achievement, eh?

The Serbian has consistently been our worst player on the pitch for us for…like…the last one year, right? Still, the Right Back cum Center Back regularly finds his place in the starting eleven, for some weird, weird reason.

However, the fact that he was just the second worst player this time around is a marked improvement in his performance which has the Chelsea fans riled up big time.

Speaking after the game, here’s what Brana said on the defeat:

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  1. When we are talking of worst player not only Ivanovich and carhill only what of our mid fielder am talking of martic not everything you can cover with speed we need holding four their to support kante in their somebody like Mikel so that ourdiffence will not open up as that our diffence is too open no body check them

  2. I see our loss to be positional problem of th players and therefore put the blame squarely and fully on the coach.Ivanovic is naturally central defender of which he plays better when placed there…though over the years he been playing at lateral defends and he is been performing creditably but he is ageing and cannot like before unlike his natural positions which does not require enough pace and he plays there with a lot of energy concentration and frequent interception and current pair in the persons of cahill and who are both error prone match after match.Again and very regretably,why does conte fabregas outside his position central midfield thus number 8 where he operates effectively and efficiently than a defensive minded player in the shape of Matic who is not best reader and passer of the ball like Fabregas.Playing Fabregas at the number ten role will make him inefficient.Anytime he comes on and play matic position he performs.I dont know why matic can not be benched thoughing is glearing that he is protecting our back four well and we have been conceeding much after much.Conte needs to think outside the box and stop over relying on defence who keep on making same mistake.Why did he buy Alonso if he doesnt need him.Why dont you use him and shift Cesar to the right side and then Ivanovic to the central defence.Conte you are on the hot seat and need to sit up.

  3. what is he there talking about if what he should be doing is to help the team get buck to wining ways.He should spear us a bit time to solve our own problem

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