This is hilarious :”Twitter God” Michy Batshuayi owns FIFA 17 with series of Funny tweets

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How many gamers do we know around us? Almost everyone loves gaming. And what if you could be your favourite gaming character for sometime. Wouldn’t it be great?? I know I have always wanted to be Captain Price from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series. But I can’t be that. Neither can you.

But there are people who can be characters in a game. Or more precisely, characters in games are made according to these very real people. And this very special category of people are what we call sportsmen.

And yes, these sportsmen do get to see their own faces on the Xbox, get to see their own features on the PC, get to enjoy their signature styles, right from Lionel Messi to Tiger Woods. Almost every sport has been turned into a video game, and every sportsman more or less watches himself/herself in it.

So, one of our own Chelsea players was rather not pleased when he saw his own ratings in the very new EA Sports FIFA 17. And that player is Michy Batshuayi. Batshuayi, who is popularly known as Batman, was going through some of the ratings that were given to his various attributes, and he decided to comment on them on Twitter.

Find out Michy’s funny replies on next page.

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