“I haven’t slept in two days”: Antonio Conte blasts all Chelsea players in a very, very angry rant

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We all knew how intense Antonio Conte can be before he came to Chelsea. The manager’s touchline antics with Italy in the Euros got the fans excited about what’s about to come.

However, after a bad start to the Premier League season, Conte is quickly realizing how tough a nut is Premier League. After the humiliating loss to Arsenal, Antonio Conte was talking to the media and after reading the below words, I think we all would be scared to be Chelsea players in the training ground:

“I don’t want to talk about defenders, midfielders or strikers,” said Conte. “Because I think we lose and we win as a team. Today we understood – me first, then the players – that this league is very tough. We must improve a lot if we want to stay up [near the top], and not in the middle of the table.

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  1. Mr Conte if you will not be bold,and take action to charnge your defance & the team in overall,my friend you yourself…you will be sitting on thorns.

  2. Mr conte hs to work hard, by doing the right things at the time, his substitutes do always came so late, you can’t imagine yourself losing game from 45 minutes and and those same players to play till 80/85 befor you bring in a substitute, such a person might play in pressure and you must not expect miracle from him, and if courtios is not ready to play let him seat for bench for others for now, for at least we have more than him, secondly i see no reason why Alonso was bench against Arsenal

  3. It’s time he gives Edwardo a chance.Play Fabrigas deeper and oscar to assist Kante,bench Willian and play Moses more.Why is Kalas and Christesen still on loan?

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