Eden Hazard: “We can win the Premier League only if this happens”

Remember the Eden Hazard who was once touted to become the world’s best player, surpassing the likes of Messi and Ronaldo? The one who powered us to the Premier League title while bagging away all the individual Premier League awards? The one who was so good, the rivals envied us, the fans adored?

Well, it’s official; we have lost that guy. Sure, he will turn up once in a while, but that sighting is rarer than a Blue moon these days. The Belgian was worthless against Swansea, invisible against Liverpool and Leicester while completely outplayed on Saturday against Arsenal. Sounds like a best player in the world to you?

However, this hasn’t stop the 25-year-old from talking in the media and speaking after the game, Hazard said we could still win the Premier if this happens:

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  1. Dont speak rubbish karan, he was amazing against swansea, against leicester he only played for 30mins yet played amazing. So dont say whatever shit you want.

    • I like your observation Menon, You can’t just satisfy people no matter how hard you try. He provided the assist to Fabregas’s goal immediately he entered.

  2. I agree with Hazard,even if COSTA DIEGO..O GOALS BE 40,with this poor defancive will not even be in the top 10.Conte has to solve that issue as quick as yesterday.

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