Chelsea vs Liverpool: Blues’ Possible Starting Eleven (4-3-3)

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Forget about the draw with Swansea City, Chelsea now have big fish to tackle. Liverpool will be visiting Stamford Bridge on Friday night, and after the draw, Chelsea will be looking for some redemption.

Last season, Chelsea were humiliated by Liverpool, when the Blues were defeated 3-1 at Stamford Bridge. Of course those were tough times, and Chelsea came up against an in form Liverpool side, when we were pathetically off form. But this season Chelsea have started well and have a good chance at a better result. So let us take a look at who our starting eleven could be.

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  1. Until Conte learns to drop Matic for Fabregas , he will be inviting a sack letter soon. We have the most creative midfielder in the league yet we struggle to score in every match. Conte must be told the bitter truth, we need Fabri-pass.

  2. when you talk about cesy fabregas to start at the bench instead of oscer. i think is unneccesary to post the news like this. always chelsea will on trial to win the match on the last minutes. why to wins the match with large effort especcial from some player like hazard and costa. for this decision from conte, always i will remain to hate this coach as chelsea fans. i need to say ” we need fabregas in the first eleven and not at the bench”.

  3. I don’t no whatvis wrong with Conte matic n scar one need to drop for Fabrigas,infact conte shd becareful abt fab situation we the fans ar seriously waiting for him to play to day n if he fail him to day dat will b the unward sacking lineup for him conte ,Let me tell u we r tire on heart breaks ok u b joke and u ll see us there

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