Have Chelsea Made CRAZY Decisions This Transfer Season? Let’s Analyze

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Summer has come and gone, the innocent can never last. Green Day references aside, the summer transfer window has actually come and gone, and all kinds of crazy things happened. Premier League clubs spent more than £1 billion, for instance. 13 of the 20 Premier League clubs broke their club transfer records backed by the new television deals that have now come into effect and players are getting salaries higher than you, and I can ever think of, even when stoned. However, for Chelsea fans, this was really a roller coaster summer. There was phenomenal urgency in the transfer of both N’golo Kante and Michy Batshuayi, but then there was the lull until the deadline day.

It is time to revisit the assignments completed in the last window that pertains to the first team. These will precisely feature the following players:

· N’golo Kante
· Michy Batshuayi
· Eduardo
· Marcos Alonso
· David Luiz

Any other transfers that took place this window were either loan moves for useless players like Juan Cuadrado or sales thereof like Salah. In that perspective, they will be considered useless to the team and hence do not come under the scope of this analysis. A rating and supporting arguments follow. Having the structure sorted, let’s move to the real deals on next pages.

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