Why did Chelsea fail to sign Romelu Lukaku? The answer is finally out

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Apart from the defenders, another fruitless chase, which led to a lot of frustration to Antonio Conte and his men, was that of former Blue, and present Everton striker, Romelu Lukaku. Lukaku was eager to head back to Stamford Bridge, but Everton just did not budge from their “not for sale” position.

And now the Belgian has claimed that he would not try and force Everton to sell him to Chelsea in the next transfer window. This means he won’t be handing in a transfer request like John Stones did last season. And that means Chelsea will have to come up with some miracle if they still want to sign him.

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    • Haha how have you made him? he played 10 games in 3 seasons with 0 goals. West Brom and Everton, along with his hard work has made him. Way off the full package and not worth 75million i agree. Working under Koeman will improve him even more.

  1. Apart from Kante the transfer business as usual has been a typical disaster. If City or Utd had wanted Kaboulli or Lukaku they would have made sure they got them. Utd proved that with Pogba just paid the price end of …we just dilly dally stall and procrastinate exactly how we lost Arguero he was linked with us for 2 years.

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