Breaking report: Thibaut Courtois could force a Real Madrid move

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We all know how tough it was for Chelsea to buy a decent defender this transfer season. Not one club was ready to sell any young decent player to Chelsea, even if they were being offered a fortune. In this market, no club wants to lose a decent player. And the difficulties become manifold, if the player you are looking for is a goalkeeper.

And that is why, Chelsea will have to think about the situation Thibaut Courtois is putting the club in. It is being reported that Courtois might push for a move to Real Madrid. Last week, Courtois had already stated that he misses the Spanish weather, the food and the culture, and he might think twice before signing a new contract with Chelsea, after his contract comes to an end in 2018.

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  1. He Should Just Be Let To In For He Has No Commitment To His Club #Chelsea No Wonder He Makes Numerous Mistakes On De Pitch Day In Day Out

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