Antonio Conte reveals the reason behind the Liverpool loss: Do you agree?

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So there you go. The first defeat under Antonio Conte’s era come at the hands of Liverpool at the Stamford Bridge. Remember when the Bridge used to be our fortress? Distant memories those!

Anyway, a shambolic performance like that deserved a loss and that’s exactly what we got at the hands of Klopp and co. Antnio Conte, obviously, wasn’t excited at the post match performance and here’s what he had to say about our first loss under him:

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  1. I don’t understand why conte had to wait til the dying embers of the game before making a substitution.fabregas shud have been on long after the one goal from Costa and replaced matic who was wasteful with his passes in the first half. Conte gave Liverpool the win because Chelsea could have won easily.we really want to see Marcus Alonso in action to replace Ivanovich as Cesar return to his natural position

  2. I feel the team selection was a bit poor fabregas should have start this match with it magnitude I don’t see a matic in the match Oscar is a picture of is own then Marcos should have replace Ivanovich on the right then the game will be level as it suppose to be that is my opinion

  3. Honestly as a chelsea fan am not happy with the Conte’s mode of selection. As a coach how can you make a selection in a high profile match against a team like Liverpool without a play maker? while the likes of Fabrigas and co are on the bench and pick matic who has been a flop in almost every match? only to wait until the 83 minute before making a substitution while liver pool immediately after the second half while leading 2-0 they make there substitution. This is premier league not Italian league. let him better learn how to read games o the earlier the better.

  4. If Conte keep benching Cesc for Oscar, the we re faced with the same situation of last season, reason been is that Oscar is not as good distributor of the ball unlike Cesc.

    Conte should to play Cesc and Oscar is only as good to start from the bench instead of Cesc and if he wants to make his changes, it shouldn’t be at the dying minute of the match 80mins what do you want a player to do within 10mins, is he a magician?

    Conte is here to save the match, not to make the we the fans said watching games and seeming what he as a manager suppose to see better.

  5. The most important thing is to get the ball into the penalty area so that the forwards can score, this is not happening although we have ball possession, they keep bringing the ball back to the midfield or defense and start all over again if ball possession is not lost, if lost then we find that the back line are in numerical disadvantage as the right and left backs have gone to the midfield and are unable to return quickly to dispossess the counter attack. Nearly all other teams get the ball to the area quickly and shoot this I’m afraid is not happening it was the same last season. The accuracy of passing the ball is also to be adhered as they try impossible passes rather than the easy pass. In the majority of passes its either shot or they relay on the other player to know what he is thinking of doing with the ball, when it gets to a stage that the player is in difficulty for retaining the ball too long and by that time have nobody getting into an unmarked position to pass the ball its given away or they are dispossessed they finish on the ground asking for a foul which sometimes is not given. They should not relay on the referees right or wrong decision and get on with the game.

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