Antonio Conte reveals the reason behind the late substitution of Cesc Fabregas, Moses and Pedro

Ah another day, another old Chelsea of last season! For a minute we had started to believe that Antonio Conte has finally transformed this team but alas! The boss has got his work cut out. A couple of months won’t result in magical changes as was evident tonight.

Even though it’s mostly the players who are the blame here, the fans have questioned Antonio Conte’s decision of late substitution, when in desperate need of a goal. The Italian brought on Fab, Moses and Pedro in just the last 10 minutes, which eventually wasn’t enough in the end. So, why did he left it so late?

Here’s Conte explaining his late substitutions:

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  1. Conte should start using fabregas instead of matic or Oscar, fab is more creative than the other two and he should learn from the first loss, fabregas does not belong to bench if he was in the game earlier we could have win the game and worst would have been a draw, so we the fans are not happy for him benching fabregas.

  2. M’nt happy with d performers of chelsea yesterday,mean y it nt d furth of dplayer,it is d furth of d coach bcos i don’t no reason y he didn’t start cec ferbregas,4almost 3matches he hasn’t been use ferbregas i don’t no wot dboil has done 4him.In short it’s dcoach dat kill dgame,just luk@dtime he doing substitude around 88mint.

  3. Antonio Conte, is having a problem because he is so selfish. And once a Coach is selfish they would be no improvement in a Club, the fact here is the only thing we need in that team by yesterday match is Casc Fa’bregas, our winger are all coming down to defend and took the ball up to score. The work is too hard for then, they need someone in that midfield that can Hold Ball and Pass it to our Strikers or Wingers but body

  4. As long as Matic plays upfront,ivanovic is in the starting eleven and subs come later than 75th min,this shall continue…Plz start Fab and bring on Bashuayi earlier.

  5. it was a fantastic football match yesterday, they players did very well, but am not happy with the defenders and late substitute. it’s very very bad

  6. I couldn’t believe wat I saw last night, regarding dey late sub and not playing Fab……hmmmmmmmmm! Common boss we dey are urging u wit love and happiness play our creative players and stop dis Oscar of a boy…….

  7. When you playing good team like Liverpool, and you need goals you must make the necessary substitution on time, Fabregas, Moses and Michy would have been the best option in 60th or 70th minutes. considering our opponents were under pressured and the goal keeper too need to be focus. scoring on him from long distance again like the PSG VS Chelsea game is worrisome.

  8. The minute that conte will realise fabrigas is far better than Oscar chelsea will b unstoppable, am not saying Oscar is not gud bt he does not create goal opportunities n thats the difrence btwn then. i blame our lose to the coach.

  9. oh wy and how possible?in which part no this world can u play two holding midfielders and an unproductive no.10 of oscar’s calibre and bench a creative player like cesc and of bring in not better subs than those been sent off on a meaningless time of 83rd minute….oh conte i belived and trusted u to be one of the best in the world and a reader of the game.pls buck up the passionate one and never stapt wid matic and oscar as well as ivanovic and gary

  10. Honestly the earlier Antonio Conte realize the use of Fabregas in this team the better for both of us, yesterday lost was all his fault.

    • Comeon bro, matic was good, and is good… Oscar needs to go… Doesn have pace nor creative prowess… Only thing he s doing better than cesc is to press d players , but another thing to notice is that most of his challenges are reckless… I ouldn b surprised of oscar wins a red card soon

  11. With all due respect Mr Conte must read the game and make tactical changes while we still have much time to change the result. surely you cant make first substitution in the 83rd minute when you are in dire need of goals and there is evidence that some players are not in the game. What miracles do you expect from a player in less than 5 minutes. Mr Conte should take the blame for last night’s loss coz from my viewpoint he failed to read the game.


  12. it was a very bad performance for me, but i think the coach should start using frabrigas, and must stop late changes. our lost was the coach faults

  13. Conte is a man who doesn’t know what he is doing cos I see no reason for d late sub besides oscar should be on bench Instead of fab..

  14. it is very pathetic for a club like Chelsea to be dripping points in the early games like that.Much of the blame goes to the manager.Why wate till is almost over then u make changes.

    • manager can only be succeeded if he has no selfish interest in mine. Chelsea have been playing unfashionable and unproductive football just because of coach selfish interest bcos I don’t know the important of using matic, ivanovic inspite the players we brought like Marko Alonso,fabregas pls and pls Conte stop using matic, ivanovic and Oscar as ur stating 11. also take Willian to midfield I mean to play him no 8 position bcos conte can’t u see d way Willian is playing wing he can’t cross when playing wing. defiantly mr. conte dis old style of play u inherited from las manager need to be change bcos only kante differentiated d last squad manage by José morinho pls reshape ur squad look at man city de bought new players and de put dem in their stating 11 also Liverpool de put wijnaldum, matip lovren and mane why not u new players are more energetic Dan people like Ivanovic, matic and Oscar more especially Ivanovic and matic

  15. I don’t think even Conte was first choice to lead Chelsea as a manager.. Let him continue his mistakes will be fired, if a fan can realise a mistake why not you a manager of the team better get one who knows Chelsea very well like in from our legends Drogba, lampard, Terry etc

  16. I think the coach needs to bring Fabregas instead of playing matic or oscar. Alonso also needs to come into that team to replace the tired ivanovic.

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