Antonio Conte finally reveals the reason he prefers Oscar over Cesc Fabregas and other midfielders

Despite a very good start to the season, many fans have been left wondering about Conte’s decision to drop Fabregas on the bench and instead go with Oscar in the midfield. Confusing, right?

Well, Antonio Conte has revealed the reason as to why he prefers Oscar in the starting eleven, and it’s very much the same as we suspected:

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    • Fabregas is creativity midfield is a pass master look back for 4 premier league fabregas win all the Mach for us although I don’t critizise about Oscar because both of them is good but we need fabregas in our team up Chelsea

  1. If this was the best defence that we have to offer then why are we still conceding goals and always chasing for equalizer….

    Dont wanna be rude but oscar need to be benched and fabregas needs to be in the starting 11

  2. Oscar is not creative in the. Midfield a fabregas is creative and can distribute ball accurately why put sentiment in it mastic and Ivanovich are tired rather sell them off and bring in Marcos on the side

  3. I wish him to try fabregas kante William Pedro hazard if fit Mikel back line if fit Kurt zouma Marcos davidluiz terry cease cahill

  4. Matic,oscar need to be on bench and replaced with fabregas and mikel because will need to defencive midfield which matic is not helping.

  5. Conte’s late substitute is not helping us and also the formation he use is killing the players. Let him try 4-2-3-1 which means 2 defensive midfield.

  6. The team is playing negative Football. Am so shocked that all what Kante is good at is distributing the ball within the defense, starving the attackers to death. Conte should know that Oscar starts some matches, and Fabregas also starts some. If they are winning in 1st half, no early change. But if they are loosing, substitute the players on time.

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