Antoine Griezmann to Chelsea is done, but on one “BIG” condition

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Yes, the summer transfer window is already closed, but this story actually concerns the next season. And yes, we wouldn’t have run it so early, but this is just so big that it cannot wait that long!

We already know about our interest in Atletico Madrid’s ace Antoine Griezmann, right? In fact, if we were in the Champions League this season, I bet a good money Antoine Griezmann would have been wearing Blue and kicking balls at Stamford Bridge. But alas!

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  1. I would execute the deal in a flash-but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate Costa. Antoine Griezmann is too much of an opportunity to pass up!

  2. Infact it’s a good news to see him at stamford bridge in ablue jersey atleast conte is now active in seeing the club’s loop holes.

  3. Griezman is a good player but not with a swap deal with great striker like Diego costa, they can form a terrifying strike force

  4. Diego costa, it’s better to stay in chelsea b/se now he is in speed of EPL than Greazman who will take a time to be familiar with.

  5. The bad thing with conte he talks too much about players to shop but he doesn’t bring them. Now with Griezmann that would sound better if we see him at Stamford

  6. I guess I can’t object or kick against this ideal I always hunger to see the progress and fortune of my darling Chelsea fc. However, I wish chelsea fc triumph today in their game against swansea city.

  7. I wouldn’t mind that at all. Griezmann in, Costa out. And while they’re at it, Chelsea should also go for Morata of Real Madrid. Their combination along with Hazard will be very deadly.

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