“I missed his qualities tonight”: Antonio Conte rues the loss and provides an injury update of John Terry

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So, the homecoming of David Luiz has been ruined by a bad, bad loss. How many of you saw that coming?

A lot of Pundits had criticized the Geezer for his defensive capabilities or the lack of it for that matter before the start of this game. However, the Brazilian had a decent game where he went on with his job quietly without causing any major blunder on the field.

Still, if you look at that the first goal we conceded, you can’t imagine but think that someone like John Terry would have done better with his experience and organisation, instead of letting 4 Liverpool players, yes you heard it right! 4 LIVERPOOL PLAYERS go unmarked 5 yards in front of our goal.

Was it Luiz’s fault? Or Cahill’s? Or perhaps our defense as a whole? At least Conte thinks that having Terry would have made a difference:

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