Transfer Roundup: Update on defense situation and Thiago Maia, Solanke to be our third Striker?

Chelsea have won their first three matches of the season, and while the fans and Antonio Conte will be happy with three straight wins, the fact is, they were not straightforward. Chelsea have been conceding goals, and it has been the strikers who have been doing the job in the last minutes.

Conte knows he needs a center back ASAP, and while the hunt is still on for a defender as well as some other players, let us see what the latest news and rumors are.

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  1. i think we better buy only 3 players; Koulibaly,James & Roudiguez.

    our formation will have options like;
    DF (Koulibaly,cahill/Terry,Zouma).
    MID (Cuadrado/Arzipilicueta,Kante,Willian,Hazard,Rodriguez).
    Str (James,Costa)

    • Please & please Conte I will be please if only I you buy a well vibrant decided & sharp attacker for Chelsea especially Koulibaly, you know better than us. Do something before the transfer ends up.

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