Transfer Roundup: Update on Brozovic, Garay and David Luiz to Chelsea? Cuadrado leaves

As the transfer window draws to an end in a few hours’ time, Chelsea looks to cover up their bases as soon as they can. That has already begun, with at least one signing imminent. How farther the Blues can reach will be evident in a few hours’ time.

As this is the transfer deadline day we are talking about, this could be a busy day. As such, the rumours are on steroids, and all kinds of bullshit are doing the rounds on the internet. We’ll try to separate sense from non-sense, but we can’t claim to be sane amidst all this insanity.

Horse Shit rumours about defender’s return appear

If you thought that the one player who would not be linked to Chelsea this summer was David Luiz, you have been proved wrong. I mean, why not? He’s Brazilian, has flair and was once valued at £50 million by PSG.

The going rate as of now stands at a paltry £32 million despite the fact that he’s one of the mainstays of PSG’s defence. It seems Chelsea are ready to make a U-turn once again and bring back the samba man. The reason being cited is the arrival of Unai Emery at PSG. It could pave the way for a move back to Stamford Bridge for the once beloved blue. Interesting.

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  1. David Luiz was a player i admire so much and I don’t know why they sold him at the first place….
    Is about time we think before selling players…..
    And cuadrado should stay…… Don’t sell him nor loan him

  2. Until Chelsea change their current board regarding purchase of players, with Emenalo on the helm, we never make the right moves in the transfer market. How can since June up to 31 of August a club cannot buy a central defender.

    It’s unbelievable.

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