Why hasn’t Chelsea signed Koulibaly yet? Here’s the real reason behind that

Chelsea have been desperately searching for a quality center back right from last season but seem to be on a hapless hunt. Conte understands it is imperative that Chelsea need to shore up their defense, and Kalidou Koulibaly has been identified as that player who can correct the club’s defensive shortcomings.

But Napoli are not willing to sell their star man, not unless they can sign an apt replacement. According to Evening Standard, Chelsea have already seen a 42 million pound bid rejected, but the Blues are confident a deal can still be struck.

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  2. l hope we are not going to end up getting none just like last season with Pogba and John Stones all 2ru the season, but if l may ask why can’t Chelsea cancel Christensen and Ake loan and bring them to solve this our defense problem if a player of £20m suddenly rise to £50m+ because it’s Chelsea buying then let’s believe and make use of ours

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