Game of defense: Chelsea bid for Serie A Defender received

Looks like the case of Chelsea and the Center Backs (or lack of them for that matter!) isn’t going to end anytime soon.

Earlier it was reported that Chelsea might have accepted defeat in Koulibaly’s chase but with Man City’s Mangala being loaned to Napoli, we are reportedly back in the chase.

It was also reported earlier that Chelsea have moved on to Milan’s Romagnoli as the newest Center Back option and although, our first bid for the 21-year-old was outright rejected, we are supposedly back with a bigger and better one. Surely this one’s gonna stick?

“Chelsea’s offer for Alessio Romagnoli has been received and is being discussed, but is currently kept under wraps.

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  1. That has always been my stand, if we can’t get Kouliballi with £40m then it’s better we recall our own back from loan, the best. C/B in Germany is worth making our first team

  2. We can’t recall christensen because there is no recall option and the loan is for two years. He is on the 2nd year of his loan. We just have to tough it out and make sure he stays next year.

  3. Pls i think time is what we dont have at this moment, pls i suggest chelsea fc should stick to koulibaly and try to meet up with the conditions to seal the deal..tnks.

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