Diego Costa is very unhappy after the West Ham win: Chelsea fan’s will agree with his reasons

Yes, I am a Chelsea fan but no, I am not being partial when I say that ever since Diego Costa set his foot at Stamford Bridge, he has been a constant target for Referees, media and opposition fans of England.

I would agree that the Brazilian born Striker is not exactly an angel on the pitch, but making him a scapegoat for anything and everything seems too easy. But it’s FA, what do you expect from them?

Amazingly, Costa has always been quiet on the unfair treatment he has recieved in his 2 year in the Premier League, but it seems like enough is finally enough for the big man.

Find out what Costa said on next page.


  1. Haha! He “didn’t know” about the rule! Perhaps someone should make him aware of the rule that stops you trying to snap someone’s leg…

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