Chelsea’s Strongest Expected Lineup This Season

It didn’t click so well for Louis van Gaal in his time at Manchester United and there aren’t too many examples of the 3-5-2 working to great effect in The Premier League.

Liverpool probably did the best job of using it when Luis Suarez was at the club and they went oh so close to a title triumph – which came to a halt when Chelsea beat them at Anfield with the notorious ‘Gerard slip’.

But the track record of new Chelsea boss, Antonio Conte, and the apparent focus of his summer transfer business may suggest that we are going to see it at Stamford Bridge this term – at least at times.

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  • I will say it certainly a step in the right direction that whole 4-2-3-1 is very overplayed in the English game


    It’s a line up every one would yearn for,but why is Kante playing ahead of Willian? I think it would have been the other way round.

  • I love the formation but the fact is that William in my opinion should not play in that position, but seeing kante better in that position and willian in a more offensive role.

  • The line up is very good but kante playing ahead of willian is what the team is missing now but all the same is nice tactical play

  • Why is Kante playing ahead of Willian? I think it would have been the other way round. Anyways! I pray dat dey players play according to dey new introductions of play now………..

  • Conte is installing a 4-2-4 formation
    3-5-2 won’t work Chelsea doesn’t have the defenders for that

  • With Pedro Oscar Willian Fabregas Hazard Kennedy Kante Matic Mikel, it would be better to have 5 midfield players and 2 strikers!!

  • Moses would fit well instead of Fabregas there

  • we as chelsea with that pattern we hope fr the best this season. george from kenya

  • The two teams are drawn into Group G this time round, and Chelsea are expected to qualify from the group with relative ease.

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