Breaking Romelu Lukaku update: Belgian to hand in transfer request

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is very, very eager to land Romelo Lukaku before the Premier League starts, with his plans to see him partnering Diego Costa up front.

Chelsea is willing to part with as much as 68 million pounds, but Everton is playing hardball and is holding out for as much as 75 million pounds. Lukaku, on the other hand, wants a return to Stamford Bridge, since he feels he has “unfinished business” at Chelsea.

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  1. Transfer request or not the asking price is £75mill… That’s actually very fair when looking at what is being payed for players of less proven ability, and potential…

    Thing is Chelsea wouldn’t be acting so high and mighty over asking price if lukaku played for Real or Barcelona, would they..?

    Everton shouldn’t lose out just cause Chelsea realise they made a mistake selling him… tough sh.t really…

    I hope Everton stand firm… Cause in truth whether or not there is a transfer request, if he stays Lukaku should be clever enough not to play poorly for us… as he knows this will ruin his chances of any future big move..

    It’s not like Everton are forcing him to stay, they are just making sure any club pays his value, like every club does with their star players… Just look at how much Chelsea demanded for Luiz from PSG… and that was some del boy type business that…

    Pay up or shut up Chelski

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