Transfer roundup: Morata and Cavani update, Chelsea legend returns, Christensen to stay or leave?

The transfer window is unpredictable. One moment, there is a gust of news that sweeps through the world of football and the next is calm as an Ocean before the onset of a Storm.

However, today has been both a Storm and not, depending on whether or not you’re a Chelsea fan. It wasn’t our manager hopeful of the England manager post after all. Neither were we ever really bidding for Gonzalo Higuain, who didn’t join Arsenal by the way. So for Chelsea fans, it’s all been quiet and calm.

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  1. I dont think we need cavani or morata we have 4 already, costa, batshuay, remy & traore. what we need most now is defender christensen is dere already we should an sign either coulibally or bonucci.

  2. My is that strikes is much almost 6 or 7 to me what we should be looking for now is that back defence an very good goalkeeper, just look de strike anyone that is not smart then he, has, know choose then ste on bench an watch others, what I mean is that we do not need striker again but if u wish to buy cavani an morata is good but one is, okay.!!

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