Infinity: Blues are staying up!

The show has been terrible,
The roads have been rough,
Scenario’s have been elusive,
The times have been tough.

The display has been a contrast,
To what it last was,
The efforts have been there,
but for only a losing cause.

Week in and Week out,
We put an even poorer show,
The problems have been massive,
And deeper they did grow.

Answers have been missing,
We’ve looked stray,
Lacking the insticts,
Every single matchday.

Yes we showed glimpses,
of what we can do,
But we always lacked the bit,
To make it all the way through.

Desire has been missing,
Zeal we have lacked,
Courtesy such circumstances,
The special one was sacked.

The fans were furious,
But their anger was just,
as the dynasty we had thought of making,
had crumbled to dust.

His replacement wasn’t,
a stranger in his ways,
Our very own Guus,
From the golden old days.

He made his changes,
But not much did we learn,
The performance did improve,
Our fortunes took a turn.

Performances were solid,
Although we did not win,
But it satiated the blues,
finally something to grin.

Finally! The show at the Selhurst,
Appeased my aching heart,
We were back in our own,
After a nervy start.

The genius Catalan’s ball,
The foe’s defence did let,
Diego teed it up,
and Oscar put it in the net.

What followed next,
was the best we put ön so far,
We bossed the midfield,
and Mikel was our star.

The Blues in there
Kept everything light
The attack was fluid
And the defence was tight

The next opening,
saw something outrageous,
As Willian’s strike,
was a stroke of genius

Willian then presented,
Diego with a chance,
He put it in,
And Selhurst was put to a trance.

It was then done,
and dusted for the night.
As for the Blues,
there was finally some delight.

They kept on singing,
‘We are staying up’,
And Still we will
fight for our own cup.

Our love for you,
Forever will be true;
We play carefree,
& the colour is Blue!